Temporary or Term Insurance

Temporary Insurance

Term Life Insurance is a life policy which provides a death benefit to your family, for a set period of time

Most term life policies offer protection for 10 to 30 years, and some term policies can run as long as 40 years.

Are the least expensive type of life insurance because the premiums paid on the policy are designed to cover the cost of insurance only

Great rates which are affordable and offer big protection

Policy be customized to fit your family’s financial needs, in the case of your demise

Premiums can be tailored to fit your family’s budget

Will pay the death benefit to your heirs, should you pass away while the policy is still enforced

Can choose guaranteed, fixed monthly premiums or increasing premiums to cover the rising cost of living

Many term policies can be converted to a permanent policy, without having to show proof of insurability (in other words, without a medical exam or additional medical testing)

*This can be especially beneficial if you have experienced changes in health that might otherwise make getting a permanent policy more expensive or impossible, to due to underwriting guidelines or exclusions

Term life policies are also available to cover accidents and/or disabilities

Some term policies are purchased as mortgage protection insurance

  • These term policies are designed to pay off a mortgage if the insured were to pass before the house was paid off, or in the event, the insured becomes of disabled or critically ill